Tornadoes slam Midwest, South; dozens feared dead: LIVE UPDATES

Deadly tornadoes tore through several Midwestern and Southern states overnight Friday. Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear estimated that more than 70 are dead after a candle factory in Mayfield with around 110 people inside was flattened.

Spokesman: 8 factory workers dead, 8 missing from tornado

Workers on the night shift at Mayfield Consumer Products were in the middle of the holiday rush, cranking out candles, when a tornado closed in on the factory and the word went out: “Duck and cover.”

Autumn Kirks pulled down her safety goggles and took shelter, tossing aside wax and fragrance buckets to make room. She glanced away from her boyfriend, Lannis Ward, and when she looked back, he was gone.

Gov. Andy Beshear initially said Saturday that only 40 of the 110 people working in the factory at the time were rescued, and that “it’ll be a miracle if anybody else is found alive in it.” But on Sunday, the candle company said that while eight were confirmed dead and eight remained missing, more than 90 others had been located.

Dozens of people in several Kentucky counties are still believed to have died in the storms, but Beshear, after saying Sunday morning the state’s toll could exceed 100, said that afternoon it might be as low as 50.

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Eight factory workers dead after Friday’s tornado, with another eight missing, spokesperson says

A spokesperson for Mayfield Consumer Products in Kentucky said on Sunday that eight people working in the candle factory on Friday night have died, and another eight are still missing. A tornado went through the area on Friday night.

The spokesperson said that more than 90 workers have been located.

Initially, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said on Saturday that 40 of the 110 people working in the candle factory were rescued and that it’d be “a miracle if anybody else is found alive in it.” Year’s Eve 2017 – image&file=1q4a0335.jpg&returnurl=[url]= & metal decoration=&url=
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